Songwriting confidential #41


Animals are living music with fur, how do I know this,?? because for the last week I've been sitting with my sweet cat Bubba helping him to cross over. Yesterday morning he passed a few minutes before seven. He has been my beloved friend for many years. The music that emanated from his spirit in his time of difficulty were sounds of hope and peace acquiescing to what loomed ahead of him with strength and calm. In his last moments I sang a parting mantra to him letting him know he mattered, that he was important and had added greatly to the world and to my life, that we were friends forever through eternity. I buried him shortly after and said goodbye. Today I am filled with strains of Bubba's music and hopefully he's filled with mine..he heard all my songs all these years and I heard his..Goodbye my friend for awhile till we meet, I love you bubba.