Songwriting confidential #42


What songwriters is there not to write songs about ??,.I'll tell you what, the ones that are not Commercial and won't make any money because you can't get them recorded.HAHAHAHA !!! There you have it dudes and duddett's ,.Nashville premier songwriting mentality. If you would have told Shel Silverstein this preposterous piece of idiocy he would have broken out in hernia popping spasmodic laughter..Why not write about everything that titillates your exploding imagination. For Shel, there were no boundaries or off limits,.It's what made him one of the most prodigious artists of all time.. Write songs about talking catchers mitts, pop corn that dances like Fred Astaire, a radio that plays music backwards, Siamese mom and pop twins, A boy named Sue, A dog that wags it's head and whose tail barks,, Ice cream that tastes like a hamburger,.falling in love with a mop,.There are truths hidden in the absurd, Shel can verify that. How is one to grow as an artist with one hand tied behind their back??, The delight in being free and unafraid to challenge your so-called " good sense" at the expense of poverty is someone who will change the direction of rivers, and calm Tornado's with a soft whistle. Imagination is a free gift, why keep it chained up in the basement. Write that song today about that little bird and the ten thousand pound worm names Lloyd,.It might be your stepping stone into the light of the miraculous.