Songwriting confidential #43


And the tyrant flew in from the sea and was drubbed unmercifully by a coquettish witch who unknowingly taught this unruly rat compassion;
And a slimy hobo from the grusome hinterlands of Tarnish, rebuked by strong armed primitives was mistakenly taught the arts of priestly benevolence,
And a jig saw wrestling maniac of enormous poundage and height was smitten by hordes of angry little people with terrible clubs and unwittingly given the incites and knowledge of cryptic secrets of spaces before existence,
And a monstrous mermaid with bloodied eyes and growling teeth was captured by frog people and caged in a far off swirling desert of grief and blue heat only to be stricken with wrenching waves of joy and love in her blazing mystical captivity,
And lastly, a sad ghost living in the walls of a destroyed moss laden castle was set upon by army's of cold haunted bats who bit and screeched at the poor undead thing, and in their blindness taught this miserable mutated apparition Godliness and creativity.