Songwriting confidential #46


I am stalking the antidote for Indecision,.It is said that one's fear recede's when decisions are made, and this is the incurable dilemma of humans. I cannot make a decision to write a song, only the decision for the desire to want to write one, then it's up to God and his side kick the muse if they want to step out and throw me a bone.. Ya know, I grew up in the forties in New York City which makes me an old dog. I lived in a neighborhood where I saw lots of older jewish men and women with concentration camp tattoos on their wrists, survivors of the holocaust. I knew about what happened in Germany and I made it a point to be polite and as gentile as I possibly could be to them..Those people were forced to make hard decisions, decisions to live, to survive under the most horrific conditions; the decisions they made were imbued with power so strong, in the end they defeated their persecutors..There are moments I say to myself, " This songwriting fiasco is going nowhere, nobody cares, I'm beating a dead horse", and then I make a decision to pick up my guitar, strum a few chords and my depression, my indecisiveness disappears..It's my guitar and love for songwriting that has insured my survival all these years..Today if your faltering and filled with the spirit of giving up, I'm here to tell you that I am not immune to those feelings, and if you remember your passion, the thing that burns and drives you, it will lift you over the stumbling block and dull the tattoo on your wrist so you can continue another day, and who knows, you might change the world for the better tomorrow, or tonight for that matter, you matter, that what matters !!!.