Songwriting confidential #48


Songwriting has nothing to do with winning awards for songwriting; songwriting is a sacred art, and yes , we want to be praised in private and in public for our works, but any songwriter worth their salt knows the acts of men are temporal while the acts of God are eternal..When the lights have dimmed and the band goes home, when the back slaps and hand shakes have ebbed like a mid-night tide, there"s only you and the guitar lying over on the bed calling' to you," C'mon,. say what ya really feel,.I dare ya,.sing the stuff your terrified or elated to sing about,.Are you afraid of being broke, YES !!, is your man or your woman looking at you like you don't want to be looked at,.YES !! Are you frightened of being alone,.YES !! Has life become so insubordinate that being jostled by the world feels like giant electric ants are trying to devour you with strong lethal pincers and razor mandibles, YES !!,.Songs can be written about the real stuff studs and kitties,.You don't have to live in a box,.Art is fascinating pilgrims,.we are not required to serve anything in life even though serving something or someone is the horse we ride on into infinity. Requirements for servitude are optional, rungs on a ladder of choices,.yet linked remarkably to the essence of breath and deep reverential sacraments.