Songwriting confidential #53


Ya gotta be careful about throwing handfuls of diamonds at people,..some will scoop them up but they wont know what to do with them,.others will hide them away, only getting off on the knowledge of where they are; sneaking back to their hiding place once in awhile,.getting a mini jolt just looking at them, then covering them up till the next time they come back,.others will hand them out to thugs and N’er do wells who use them for infamy,..while others won't pay them the least bit of attention,.and yet, there are those who inspect each one till he or she feels a certain energy emanating from one special one that intuitively calls out to them,.for it is this one that has a secret gift to impart to it's possessor,.this person takes this one diamond, leaving the rest where they lay,.and in the course of the pilgrims lifetime, this one little rare diamond unveils and reveals mountains of knowledge that the bearer uses to be successful at everything he or she touches, and at the moment it is time for the pilgrim to cross over into the next life,.the little diamond creates a humming blue glow in and around the departing spirit, bursting into zillions of crystals that spreads out in gorgeous melodies throughout the infinity of universes to be forever a beautiful note plucked on the God harp.