Songwriting confidential #54


I would be hard pressed to assume that I knew or could even guess who the greatest was of anything in the history of the world. The diversity of forms and styles of everything are endless and cryptically placed there to suit endless tastes.. I see life as a tapestry or mandala where every thread is intricately woven into place to create a whole, where one thread ends another one begins so in it's entirety it appears as one great thread and on and on and on. When I was very young I heard some songs that were so compelling they took my breath away.. As an older man whose rounding the bend of life and who also happens to be a songwriter himself, over the course of 70 years I've heard so much and so many songs I couldn't begin to pick a favorite or a writer who wrote the thing; but on sensual moonlit nights lusty and aromatic, one song always floats into my mind, and for that moment I'm transported into heavenliness., "OH I'M A LITTLE WHITE DUCK SITTING IN THE WATER, A LITTLE WHITE DUCK DOING AS HE OUGHTA, I JUMPED UP HIGH OFF A LILLY PAD, THE DRAGON FLY CLAPPED AND I SAID I'M GLAD, THAT I'M A LITTLE WHITE DUCK SITTING IN THE WATER"....... !!