Songwriting confidential #55


It was always the wind,.buckling around out there,.I paid no attention, mind,.it became angry with me over time,'s voice loud,.defiant,.mesmerizing,.when I turned South, it blustered around my feet,.if I was Easterly, is smashed me from the West,.all directions had consequence, wasn't till a lone walk on a cloudy January beach that I deciphered it's message. As it blasted across the gun metal sea down from the North with those thumping gusting sounds, I got it, !!.plain as milk,!!."You are a coward, it said,.you've been coddled, pandered to too long,.told you we're special,.fawned, catered to, and fussed over till it's robbed you of your courage,.your self confidence is zero,.follow me, and I will give you a life, you unimaginable things, !!,...go to a pawn shop,.. buy a guitar,..learn to play it,.then go to Tennessee". I did this a long long time ago, I am the wind. !!