Songwriting confidential #55


For me,.the guitar is the Anchor of life,.it literally roots me to existence,.Shackled to the wooden sword for over half a century has placed me in the enviable position of having bonded with my captor,.there is no escape,..there never was,.as babies reach for their bottle,.I do a guitar,.It is the only thing that can keep me in one spot for longer than a few minutes,.as a kid full of Tic's and social misgivings, the world made me nervous !!,.anxious !!,. it was foreboding !!,.I was constantly fighting with everyone and everything,.my skin crawled with venom and larceny,.I dreamed of cannons and rampaging dinosaurs,.there was spill red in my eyes, and butterflies looked like mythical harpies screeching at my face in panic waves of devil orange,.My T-Rex dad stormed about like Johnny thunder lizard,.his snarl and muscular countenance a fandango of alarm bells and punching bags,..there were explosions on doomed horizons, and the infertile disease ridden city of a trillion scars and zombie tanks destroyed any semblance of any non vengeful fantasies in my over amping bean bag of a brain,..and then the Guitar !!,.,Stringed Pegasus arrives on the Dunce Cap scene,..whisks me away in the nick of murder,.fly's me to the sphere of Daddy'o town where the inmates Rocked like Rumble Ninja's in the sublime aura of BO-DIDDLY YIPPIE-YI- YAY,.AND I WAS FREE !! I CHANGED,..I GOT HAPPY,.I GOT "SAVED".