Songwriting confidential #56


We as people live in a fluster bubble,. caught in the undertow of feeling everything so intensely while living in this huge rapidly decaying piece of meat of a body that houses our spirit for the duration of this planetary stay is a cagy affair..Ain't it wild how something so temporal can appear to be so real..There is absolutely nothing other then trying to be nice to each other that means anything!!..Our money, opinions, fears, stances, twisted perceptions, self importance, and myriads of other moronic psycho dramas mean zip in the face of our very very short stay in this uncanny existence..All the crap, the wars, the idiot garble pouring out of people's pie holes day in and out is nothing but shredded tissue in the wind. Nothing anybody ever said or did ever really made a dent in figuring out whats going on here,.Painters, writers, musicians, and various artists have come close to explaining this wacky scene we call Life, but no one has ever nailed it or come even close to the answer.. So whats all the clatter about..Nothing !!, absolutely nothing !!.The only thing that means anything is to be nice to each other,.nice to our animal friends and spirit guides,.nice to our plants and trees, treating nature with a modicum of respect,.just nice to everything,.other then that nothing else means a bloody damn..