Songwriting Confidential #7

You know the special one you picture in your mind who you know so well, so intimately on so many levels, that when they do something or say something so provocatively innocent your immediately drenched in rivers of tenderness flooding through and over you wave after wave, A gypsy will ponder those delicate pangs of viceral adorence, close his or her eyes and write those songs of love into lines and rhymes so shatteringly passionate that anytime the gypsy sings that song they are overwhelmed by joyful tears. That song, written out of deep human love is a sword that swings a mighty slice into hearts that are barren and cold; they melt and eviscerate feelings of doom, hopelessness and despair..Songwriters worth their gift don't write love songs for the "Heck of it", they write them when they can no longer contain the depth of the love they feel, when it is so overpowering that the only release from it's crush is to string together those word pearls to form the perfect necklace of melody and verse that is a sacred testament, a holy scripture, eternal and forever expanding in it's own universe of the completeness and oneness of to whomever that gypsy's love is showered on..Songwriting is not a mere exercise of a bunch of tags and catch phrases, but more like painting a three or four minute Cistine Chapel.