Songwriting Confidential #64


Since I was a little boy I have always been drawn and attracted to what society calls, "RIFF RAFF"..RIFF RAFF dudes, RIFF RAFF chicks, RIFF RAFF life style. RIFF RAFF is interesting for a lot of reasons,..RIFF RAFF, like alley cats, slink along the walls of life, skulking ominously down where the tracks criss cross the barricades on dead end junction where the hobo's huddle round the fire in the old oil barrel,.hunched up in the cold with wild gold teeth wrapped in cadaverous blankets of OZ where the secrets of Atlantis and MUU eek out of the vacant rattling tin buildings on the hillside punched into the fierce grey clouds of freezing insomniac winds..It's here where the devils banjo and the leopard harps make that delicious RIFF RAFF music that mama said to avoid like death itself ,..It was there, scrunched under the doom snows, frying stolen potatoes in rusty hub caps over the garrish oil smoke fires that I saw poetry in the knarly lips of black toothed beggars with vein popping eyes from drinking shaving lotion and bottles of decayed listerine..Those mendicant songs like marooned fevers plummeting off the foreheads of huge muscular dancing women who we're shaggy and venomous, garggling like ferocious Moray eels; their huge legs mauled with tufts of thick pin like hairs,.these we're my mothers, and the unbathed raving RIFF RAFF my fathers,.I took from them everything from emerald sexualty to ruby wisdom, landing into the soft beds of Delilah luxury,.but when the finger nail moon hacks into the thighs of Orion, I slip out of the igloo unnoticed, racing down iodine boulevard to the outskirts of Leviticus to once again reunite with hosts of angelic barbarian RIFF RAFF.