Songwriting Confidential #66


Playing at the basement on Friday night confirms the fact that people are hungry for authenticity and the back story.. It's never been a matter of songwriting just to do to be able to tell myself "I'm a songwriter", but something inextricably tied to " Unlocking Mysteries". If any songwriter out there looks beyond their desire for personal recognition, they will see an underlying pathology that is pervasive and magical driving them that is hard to put a finger on.. I mean really, to wake up in the middle of the night filled with an overwhelming compunction to pick up a guitar and fling yourself into manic overdrive just to flesh out some mysterious burning portent pouring through you and throwing you into a hyper state is truly an out world out of body experience; and all this for what some might call as insignificant as writing a song; hardly my friend. In those moments one is connected to the almighty, coming closest in this lifetime to what Yoga masters call SAMADI, ENLIGHTENMENT, AND SATORI; and if one has embarked on this life style for the right reasons, one is privileged to peek for a few fleeting moments behind the elusive veil of " WHAT IN THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE" ??, and after completing a heartfelt song, the experience leaves the songwriter with the un-daunting feeling that for a moment they know without a doubt "WHAT IN THE HECK IS GOING ON". Me, personally, I try to connect with this high everyday and have for years. I guess one could say I'm addicted to it.