Songwriting Confidential #69


The path to the magic most times is short stopped by the mind that inquires of itself, "Is this commercial". We all want our music to be recognized and acclaimed by the public, however, the problem of retarded artistic development occurs when the mind begins to edit the intuitive process. Intuition, in it's purest state lays this beautifully outlandish idea on the unsuspecting songwriter whose immediate compulsion is to craft it,.get it down on paper,.not lose it before it disappears;. then something horrific happens. The mind, in all it's repititious psycho babel, throws up the question on the songwriters mind screen, "this is not commercial,.no one will like it",.and in one swipe, cuts the God given gift off at the knees,. deprives the world of something magical because it is not deemed "commercial". What one must realize, is by not completing that work, he or she has thrown the whole balance of their art backwards and off kilter. Each Intuitive jewel given by the spirit, is a steeping stone that one must complete in order to make the leap to the next stone.Not finishing the gift that was given, knocks the writer off the path and brings confusion and disorder to the creative process..The world needs those treasures from your unknown secret places,.to cast them away in the name of commercialism deprives the world of it's own evolution.