Songwriting Confidential #70


Songs are silhouette's,. shadows of the soul,. reincarnated memories of dreams from other life times,.As people, we ache,.ache for understanding of this insane predicament of living in a body,.peering out from behind our eyes like a kid who sneaks into a movie, huddled down in the seat trying not to look conspicuous,.I am a rambler of the silhouette world,.juggler of shadows as I be-bop down the bunny trail,.songs of storms,.songs of revelations,.songs of mayhem and love so torrid it burns holes in shivering clouds,.songs of passions, vengeance, malcontents and thieves,.songs of bleeding universes and dying suns,.songs of deliverance,. yes,.I'm a silhouette dancer,.thats me up there in the turrets and spirals,.gliding over the portico's and gilded alcoves,.you might see me but for a moment,.a silhouette,.whirling,.vanishing.!